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Trimax Boat Trailer Applications
Trimax Boat Trailer Applications
Trimax Building Products offers the perfect replacement for the bunks for your boat trailer! Currently, most manufacturers are using wood wrapped in carpet but time has proven that this solution never lasts! Never again will the bunks rot and fall apart! Trimax Structural Lumber solves the problem!

As in the photo on the right, the Trimax is bolted down to the trailer, and milled to the exact angle and size. Special tools are not required, Trimax Structural Lumber can be routed, cut and drilled just like wood.

Trimax can also be used as bumpers, fenders, and other situations in which typical lumber takes heavy abuse.

For more information on the ways Trimax Structural Lumber can be used to replace lumber, call 1-800-666-5207.

More Questions? Download the Trimax Structural Lumber Technical Data.

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