Equine Lumber
Trimax Equine Lumber
Trimax Equine Lumber
Trimax Structural Lumber offers the farm and equine industry two great options for durable and sustainable designs for horse stalls, fencing, and other applications.

In Trimax Structural Lumber, 2x6 T&G profile is availble, which works very well in prefabricated horse stalls, as shown above. Trimax Structural Lumber is great because it is resiliant to urine, abuse, rotting, warping and mildew.

Trimax Structural Lumber is a great fit for other applications such as fencing, bedding frames, decking and other applications.

Trimax Structural Lumber has been utilized in equine applications all across the country, with great responses from the consumers. The number one response that we have received has been the lack of cribbing of the horses after the Trimax Structural Lumber has been installed. Unlike wood, the horses do not get any satisfaction from clamping down on the plastic lumber. Horse owners have been very happy and suprised with the results from using Trimax Structural Lumber for their equine applications.

More Questions? Download the Trimax Structural Lumber Technical Data.

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