Structural Components without the worry
Trimax Structural Lumber is a patented formulation of fiberfill and recycled milk jugs. Together, these ingredients form structural components that allow the consumers the ability to build structures out of plastic lumber, from the ground up!
Why Trimax?
ACQ, CCA, what does this REALLY mean for me?
Pressure treated lumber has become a topic that is ever changing. First, in many years past, CCA (chromated copper arsenate) treated lumber was the answer. This was a durable treatment that would help the lumber weather the elements. Upon research and investigation, in December of 2003, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) banned the use of CCA treated lumber saying that other treatments are "safer." Now ACQ (alkaline copper quat) is recommended, but within the first year, ACQ, due to the extremely high levels of copper has been found to corrode fasteners at an accelerated pace.

The question is, what health issues in the future will they find wrong with ACQ? And how can I protect my loved ones against any of these issues?

And by the way, Trimax doesn't rot, warp, crack, chip, splinter or fade.

The answer is simple. Trimax Structural Lumber.
Trimax as a Deckboard
Trimax Structural Lumber is a great fit for use as structure but because it is structural, Trimax is also a great fit for a deck board. Trimax manufactures boards that have varying thicknesses. Please refer the the chart below that shows the joist spacing that can be used for deckboards of varying thicknesses.

Trimax Deckboard Allowable Joist Spacing
Actual Thickness 1" 1 1/2" 2" 2 1/2"
Residential 16" 24" 36" 42"
Commercial 12" 20" 30" 36"

Using Trimax as a deckboard is a great application for jobs that have joist spacings designed to accomodate wood. Most boardwalks that were built years ago are designed with 24" to 30" joist spacing. Now, for the first time, there IS a synthetic decking that works for these situations!
Trimax 2x6 shown with woodgrain embossing!

More Questions? Download the Trimax Structural Lumber Technical Data.

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